The National Basketball Association is the largest basketball association in the world with millions of fans worldwide. How players perform on a team is usually the biggest factor in determining which team wins the championship. Players’ pay is usually determined by their past performances, but player performance changes from season to season.

2020’s most improved player

Each year, there are a few players who improve dramatically from the past season. These players bring lots of value to teams competitively and economically. Therefore, it’s valuable to know this information to try and acquire players in signings and trades.


The metrics I used to try and…

By now, most people know of the infamous match between IBM’s Deep Blue and grandmaster Garry Kasparov, arguably the greatest player ever, in 1997. Kasparov lost, and now, over 20 years later, we have another AI, built by Deepmind, Alpha Zero. These AI are almost perfect at playing chess, but it turns there is a lot to learn when we try to replicate it ourselves.

Kasparov vs Deep Blue

AI in chess

When creating AI to play chess, there are 2 commonly used methods, Supervised learning, and reinforcement learning.

For a second, let me give you some background information on chess. Every time you make a move…

Insults, everyone’s been on the receiving end of them, and more likely than not it’s been on the internet. It’s easy to sit behind a name and say awful things to other people. Reading these comments ruins your day and social media has been directly linked to increased depression in the U.S. Using AI, more specifically an LSTM, we can fix that.

What is an LSTM

An LSTM or Long Short Term Memory is an improvement to recurrent neural networks(RNN), which learn by passing a hidden state along with the input through each part of a sequence. LSTM’s are useful when our problem requires…

From diagnosing cancer to Amazon recommendations to playing the ancient game Go, convolutional neural networks(CNN’s) are some of the most versatile forms of AI. So, how do they work? CNN’s are world-class at image classification, whether it be finding patterns in images or classifying different pictures.

What makes a CNN different?

CNN’s differ from regular neural networks in their ability to understand and analyze spatial information. While other types of NN’s only look at individual inputs, CNN’s process the image as a whole, and in groups of pixels. The way they do this is through something called the convolutional layer (hence the name). Despite the…

This past week, I was given the unreal opportunity to attend the MIT Tough Tech Summit with some world-class speakers, but what makes a conference successful for you? First off, you have to prep! You wouldn’t walk into the SAT not studying, would you? Let me walk you through my takeaways and the highlights of this incredible experience!

  • These speakers are world-class and often working at the front of their respective fields

They expect you to have some sort of background knowledge about their respective subjects. …

An intro to fusion and how it works

Everyone knows the effect of burning fossil fuels, and what it does to the atmosphere. Scientists have come up with renewable energy sources like solar panels, hydroelectricity, wind turbines, etc. While these solutions are all great, they are currently too inefficient to power the whole globe. Fusion energy, the process of fusing nuclei and releasing energy, has stayed mostly in the shadows up until now. Fusion is how the sun and all other stars produce energy. Scientists hope to harness that power to create a nearly limitless source of energy, with little to no pollution. For fusion to occur, it…

Only 71% of the total land surface on the Earth is habitable, of that, half is used for agriculture. 77% of that land is used to raise livestock. Oddly enough, of our protein supply, meat and dairy only accounts for 33%. And yet, global meat demand has only been going up. According to the Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations by 2050, the world will consume over 557 million tonnes of meat. The implications of this are huge.

Consequences of Mass Meat Consumption

By 2050 there will be 10 billion people on Earth. Meat production fundamentally is not…

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