Solving toxicity on the internet using AI

What is an LSTM

Our example Credit: Udacity
A more likely version of events Credit: Udacity
How our RNN works Credit: Udacity
An overview of an LSTM Credit: Udacity

Basics of LSTM’s

Our four gates Credit: Udacity
What our outputs are like after running them through an LSTM Credit: Udacity
Credit: Udacity

The architecture of LSTM’s

The learn gate

What the equation looks like Credit: Udacity

Forget gate

The equation for the forget gate Credit: Udacity

The remember gate

Remember gate equation Credit: Udacity

The use gate

The use gate equation Credit: Udacity

LSTM’s on Toxic Comments

Building a vocabulary and dictionary
Labeling the words
Giving our sentences number values as discussed previously
Final steps before we generate the model
Our final AI
Calculating when to stop training our model
A pretty normal graph






15 years old. Contact me at:

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Abhi Siripurapu

Abhi Siripurapu

15 years old. Contact me at:

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